Elderly Home Care | Innovation for Peace of Mind | About Golden Years

Golden Years is a one stop store that comes alongside to meet your needs to provide a safe and caring environment for your loved ones. We respect the dignity and quality of life, to which everyone has the right, regardless of where you are along the stages of life. Indeed! It is when one feels rooted and secure that one can be free to pursue one’s aspirations. Whether you are the care giver, or the one receiving care, we aim to offer you, through our products, this freedom and peace of mind. A security that sets you free.


Besides providing great technological based products, warm services, and wonderful after sales support, we see ourselves as being in the business of forging ties. Forging ties of families; forging ties of healthcare practitioners; forging an industry. It takes a collective effort, from the medical and healthcare professionals to the families and caregivers, to bring a robust, warm, and effective healthcare to the people; promoting better health, better care, better LIVES.