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  • Adult Diaper


    Incontinence and loss of bowel movements is common issue among elderly individuals As shown, these diapers are easy to wear,…

  • F2F Elderly Video Communicator FTC-8001

    $599.00 $399.00

    Face-to-Face (F2F) is an elderly home care video communicator and surveillance designed for non-tech-savvy elderly, to give a peace of…

  • FTC Smart Walking Stick FTC-8006A

    $79.00 $59.00

    This is a lightweight and Portable Smart Walking Stick for the elderly. It is packed with functions (LED light, Audio…

  • FTC Smoke Detector FTC-8013A


    This Smoke Detector alert the elderly in case of fire. Ideal for elderly staying alone.

  • High Blood Pressure (Omron)


    The Blood pressure monitor allows convenient monitoring of BP at home; helps to improves compliance of the user in taking…

  • iHelp+3G GPS Tracker Phone CS399-PD

    $599.00 $399.00

    iHelp+3G GPS Tracker and phone is a reliable, easy to use and setup. It allows caregiver to locate and communicate…

  • Omron Forehead Thermometer MC-720


    Fast non contact temperature measurement which is suitable for adult and infants. It also have backlight for visibility in the dark.

  • Telescopic Back Scratcher


    A convienient telescopic back scratcher which is not only compact and light, you can used it scratch  unreachable areas.

  • Walking Stick holder


    When not in used, the Cane Holder keeps your walking cane hanging on the table when it’s not in use. Simply…

  • Wheelchair

    $210.00 $147.00

    Wheelchair convenient able to navigate easily.....